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Sarathos PHP Framework

Sarathos is a PHP (version ≥ 5.3.0) Web application framework that's currently being developed in conjunction with the rest of my site. It is being built primarily for my own learning purposes, so it probably won't have a lot of features, but I may go open source with it eventually so others can give it a try and help to improve it in the process.

The previous version of NOVALISTIC, 4.0, was codenamed Sarathos. This framework was being built for it, hence the namesake. However, as I'm still using what's essentially the same in-development framework even though I've launched a brand new version of my site, the framework has retained the name Sarathos.

Like CodeIgniter, a framework that I previously worked with, Sarathos will be based on the MVC architecture.


Winter was a Twitter client for Windows desktops, written in C# on the .NET Framework. Designed for Windows 7 and its new features, Winter leveraged the powerful visual and architectural capabilities of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

One of the major issues I'd had with Twitter clients in the number of years I was active on Twitter, was the fact that there isn't a decent Windows client. The existing ones were either too much like TweetDeck, or no longer in development, or buggy, or just plain hideous. But they all had one thing in common: they were simply few and far between. I wanted a simple client that looked beautiful and provided a native Twitter experience on Windows, the most widely used OS, so I set out to work on Winter.

Unfortunately, development was cut short within only a year of its development, no thanks to Twitter's crusade against third-party clients. Furthermore, I no longer use Twitter myself for personal reasons. (I could state right here that it has nothing to do do with the fate of Winter, but that doesn't mean you'll believe me.)