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NOVALISTIC 5.0 "Veldin"

Back in 2010, NOVALISTIC 4.0 "Sarathos" was the biggest redesign I'd ever made to an entire site. But whose site was it? My very own. Nevertheless, it is a design that I can still say with confidence that I'm very proud of today.

Unfortunately, due to a major turn of events in my life (which is summarized some on my blog @, as much as I wanted to learn to make my own money doing something I love, I ended up being unable to. Not only that, but I no longer wanted to do so either!

So, as I briefly mention in this blog post, I'll be returning NOVALISTIC to its halcyon days of being my personal site. Consequently, I'm also no longer accepting job offers.

Version 4.0 is my most favorite redesign by far, but as my site is going through another huge change in direction and focus, I have to take it through another redesign. However, I'll surely retain many of the space-related elements I incorporated into 4.0's design, including the color scheme(s). That's some good news, I guess.

Hence NOVALISTIC 5.0, code-named "Veldin". Unlike previous code-names which were randomly generated with a script, Veldin is a completely deliberately-chosen name. So why Veldin?

Veldin is the name of Ratchet's home planet in the Ratchet & Clank franchise (as well as a level in some of its games). I've long considered NOVALISTIC my online home, and now that I'm making it my personal site again with the new redesign, Veldin is the most appropriate, fitting code-name I can come up with for it. (For fellow Ratchet fans: yes, Ratchet was born in Fastoon, but he was sent to Veldin by his father at a very tender age during the Great War, where he then spent most of his life before meeting Clank. While Fastoon is his place of birth, Veldin is where he grew up. In the same way, NOVALISTIC is the heart of my online presence and development.)

Oh, and the version number has absolutely no correlation with HTML5 whatsoever. If I do code it in HTML5, it's by sheer coincidence. But don't count on it. Really. Don't.

Sarathos PHP Framework

Sarathos is a PHP (version ≥ 5.3.0) Web application framework that's currently being developed in conjunction with the rest of my site. It is being built primarily for my own learning purposes, so it probably won't have a lot of features, but I may go open source with it eventually so others can give it a try and help to improve it in the process.

The previous version of NOVALISTIC, 4.0, was code-named Sarathos. This framework was being built for it, hence the namesake. However, as I'll still be using what's essentially the same in-development framework, although I'm moving on to a brand new version of NOVALISTIC, the framework will retain the name Sarathos.

Like CodeIgniter, a framework that I previously worked with, Sarathos will be based on the MVC paradigm.


Winter is an upcoming Twitter client for Windows desktops, written in C# on the .NET Framework. Designed for Windows 7 and its new features, Winter leverages the powerful visual and architectural capabilities of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

One of the major issues I've had with Twitter clients in the number of years I've been tweeting, is the fact that there isn't a decent Windows client. The existing ones are too much like TweetDeck, or no longer in development, or buggy, or just plain hideous. But they all had one thing in common: they were simply few and far between. I wanted a simple client that looked beautiful and provided a native Twitter experience on Windows, the most widely-used OS, so I set out to work on Winter.

You can still follow @winterwpf on Twitter if you're intrigued by all this. I've also uploaded some design shots onto Dribbble, but don't get your hopes too high yet. Most of it is just pure contemplation on my part at this point.

If you're looking for a Metro-style Twitter client, whether for the desktop or the Modern UI on Windows 8, check out MetroTwit.